About Linamar Agriculture Inc.

Linamar_AgricultureFor nearly 2 decades, Harvestec has been the distributor of Linamar manufactured corn heads in the North American market. In early 2015, Linamar Agriculture re-acquired those distribution rights and began a new era for the Harvestec Brand in the agriculture equipment industry. The creation of the new Linamar Agriculture enables a direct factory-to-dealer organization that will enhance customer service with faster response times, more reliable service parts availability & technical field support. With the backing of our parent company, Linamar Corporation, we are well positioned to continue to deliver the advantages of corn harvesting performance to farmers that Harvestec has become known for.

Linamar Corporation is a diversified global manufacturing company of highly engineered products powering vehicles, motion, work and lives. Linamar is world renowned for its precision machining expertise. The company comprises three key divisions; Machining & Assembly, Linamar Forging, and Linamar Skyjack. The Machining & Assembly and Forging Groups focus primarily on precision metal forming, machining and assembly of engine, transmission, and driveline components. Predominantly a supplier to the global automotive light vehicle market, Linamar also supplies commercial truck, off-highway, energy & industrial applications. Skyjack is a world renowned equipment brand in the aerial work platform (AWP) market with its industry leading scissor lifts, booms and telehandlers.


Corn field

Harvestec is a brand of Linamar Agriculture Inc. At Harvestec, we often say that we are a “head” in harvesting because our customers repeatedly tell us that Harvestec chopping corn heads do a better job of managing corn stalk residue than our competitors. Our conventional corn heads are recognized for their excellent performance, reliability and value. Our folding corn heads satisfy the requirement for reduced width for travel and storage.

The 6000 Series has a light, yet robust frame structure and new row units reduce weight. The main drive consists of enclosed aluminum gearboxes coupled by U-joints. This series maintains high performance snapping rolls with carbide knives which are reversible to prolong life. The front supported snapping rolls use two double-row sealed ball bearings and there are Walterscheid radial pin slip-clutches on each row.

The 6000 Series has a one-piece, long-lasting gathering chain that requires no tension spring adjustment. Each chain is individually protected from overload. These cornheads boast minimal maintenance with very few grease points while maintaining a high level of durability. The field-proven Harvestec stalk choppers have a simple disengage mechanism making them efficient and easy to use. The 6000 Series gearboxes are designed for power and fuel-efficiency.

Harvestec has many different options available when ordering your 6000 Series cornheads including Automatic Header Height Control which is available factory-installed. Hydraulic rotary end dividers or end divider extensions are now both available.

Our Performance


A common theme from top corn agronomists is the importance of precise seed depth and seed placement to maximizing corn yields. One of the biggest obstacles to accurate seed placement is the dense residue from today’s corn varieties that can interfere with your planter row unit’s seed placement.

Our corn heads are known for their industry- leading stalk chopping that chops stalks into 2 to 3-inch pieces while harvesting at speeds up to 7.5 miles per hour. This eliminates extra tillage passes normally required to break down residue with today’s high yielding hybrid corn varieties, putting more money in your pocket.

The 8 pinch points on the 6000 series snapping rolls take in less trash and can produce smaller residue pieces than most competitors that just use 4 pinch points. The pinch points alternate between our unique serrated edge that aggressively pulls the stalk downward and the sharp knife edge that follows it, which reduces the size of the residue.

The even residue distribution from the 6000 series row unit gives Harvestec an advantage over competitive corn heads by accelerating organic material decomposition. This results in optimal seedbed conditions the following planting season, especially with corn on corn rotations.


Our Expertise & Service


Harvestec corn heads are produced in a factory with 45 years of experience in corn head design and manufacturing. We were one of the first in the industry to produce chopping corn heads beginning in 1992. Harvestec then introduced folding corn heads into their product offering in 1996.

With the introduction of the 6000 Series Corn Heads, Harvestec continues to lead the industry in corn head design and innovation. We use state of the art machining, robotic welding and powder coating techniques with ISO certification. The 6000 Series is the result of years of research and testing in North American and European markets in today’s high-yielding corn hybrid varieties.

Harvestec’s North American Parts Distribution and Product Support are centrally located in the Mid-West, close to the U.S. Corn Belt.

At Harvestec we increase our replacement parts inventory levels during the prime-use season, which enables us to better support our customers in all of their corn harvesting needs. Our expert team is there to help you with any product or service inquiries you may have.

Please contact Harvestec for assistance and support:

Phone: 1-888-432-3271

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