Chopping your stalks while combining:


  • Eliminates a secondary chopping operation
  • Does a better job of chopping each stalk as it is harvested
  • Allows easy decomposition of stalk material during winter
  • Exposes corn borer in cut stalks to killing frost
  • Promotes even warm-up of soil
  • Enhances moisture retention in dry areas
  • Allows plug-free planting

European farmers have long been faced with the need to chop their higher moisture corn stalks to accelerate decomposition of large amounts of residue. The late harvest season and the rainy after-harvest weather complicated the secondary operation to chop the stalks. This chopping operation incurred additional costs: operator, fuel, chopper maintenance, depreciation and wear and tear. So the European farmer requested a one-pass operation - harvest and chop together. Our factory joined the rescue team, and now the majority of corn heads sold in Europe are equipped with integral stalk choppers.

No-til farmers in the U.S. comment on the ease of planting into decomposed stalks that have been shredded. Soil moisture retention is enhanced when chopped stalk material is spread unifomly over the ground, allowing spring sunshine to warm the soil evenly. Borers can be exposed to killing cold temperatures in stalks that are chopped.